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Vizuators shares its expertise on Tableau in Pharma at the conference in Kazakhstan

Vizuators has its roots in analytics in pharmaceuticals, an area where it has 15 years of experience and knowledge. As a part of the data community, Vizuators is always eager to share its expertise with others. That is why, last week, we participated in the international conference «Pharma Digital: Innovative Products of the Salesforce Ecosystem» that took place in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The conference gathered leaders and experts from various fields, such as Sales, IT, Marketing, Digital, Analytics/BI and Business Owners. They presented and discussed the best practices for implementing digital solutions in the pharmaceutical industry.
One of the speakers was Vizuators CEO Boris Bakhvalov, who talked about Tableau in Pharma and the success story of Bayer in different regions. He demonstrated how Tableau can help pharmaceutical companies to get accurate and visual information about their products, customers, competitors and markets. He also showed how Tableau can enable them to create interactive dashboards and reports that allow them to analyze data at different levels of detail, compare indicators across segments and regions, identify trends and anomalies, forecast outcomes and optimize strategies.
Boris Bakhvalov, CEO Vizuators
The conference was organized by Customertimes, one of the largest and leading Salesforce partners in Central Asia. Together with Customertimes, we are growing the Tableau community in this region.