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A Big Data Enthusiast

We are thrilled and honored that our Chief Technical Officer, Vadim Panasiuk, is included in the Tableau Community Forum Ambassadors cohort this year!

The mission of the Tableau Ambassador program is to recognize community members who connect, collaborate, and share because they realize the value of helping people see and understand their data. Tableau Ambassadors embody the spirit and voice of the community. They keep it honest and push to do more. They teach and share while fostering positive and supportive behavior within the community. 

The Tableau Community Forums Ambassadors is the first, earliest of seven ambassador branches. It was founded in 2015 with the hope of recognizing Tableau community members who proactively participate and help spread the word about Tableau by empowering them to drive engagement and the quality of interactions within the Tableau community.

Tableau Forum Ambassadors are the stewards of the forums. They help maintain a healthy and engaged community forum by assisting users with quality responses, flagging inappropriate content for moderation or removal, and approving new users' content.

Vadim Panasiuk, Vizuators CTO: "I'm excited to join the Tableau Ambassador Program as a Tableau Community Forums Ambassador! It's a worthy appreciation for the work of the entire Vizuators team."

Each leader goes a unique way to the community. Vadim has a degree in environmental medicine. His practice in data analysis  began in 2010. 

Vadim Panasiuk: "I started from the government sector, then switched to market research. Today I lead the analytical team working for clients in tech, pharm, retail, banking, and other industries. 
I began working with Tableau in 2018, and it was love at first sight, which involved me and does not let me go until now. I've been actively consulting with businesses on Tableau for the past 3 years, training Vizuators' newcomers and client teams. 
My colleagues and me, we help local enthusiasts to develop the community. There's nothing better than helping other people with knowledge."

Vadim and all our team will continue to demonstrate leadership and evangelism, share knowledge and advocacy, and encourage inclusive behavior within the community. We are proud to be considered active members of the community forums, and will continue answering questions, posting to share our experiences, and helping Tableau users see and understand their data.

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