We are a team of visual data artists with diverse expertise in IT and business analytics, specializing in delivering custom end-to-end business intelligence solutions. We are proud of the quality of our work, backed up by decades of combined experience in every step data takes from raw numbers to decisions. Vizuators excel in fast delivery of interactive BI system prototype, and then incorporate user feedback to modify and scale it up for maximum impact. We partner with Tableau for data presentation, and use a variety of tools to transform the numbers into effective data visualizations that present a fresh perspective for your creative business genius.


Business Intelligence

BI provides the information you need, when you need it, in just the right format. We integrate data from across your company, building a solid foundation for the full scope analytics, including statistics, forecasting, data and text mining, and optimization reporting and analysis.

Executive & Management Analytics

An Executive Dashboard is a visual representation of data, that gives executives a quick and easy way to view their company's performance. Often built around a Balanced Scorecard, our Executive Dashboards roll up the complexity into a single page presentation.

When it is time to dig into the numbers, Vizuators find the right combination of form, text and color to help you see the trends behind the facts. We focus on creating a coherent set of reports that is based on the selected data sources, providing the required answers to every target user group.

Extract, Transform and Load

We are experts in ETL processes, this is where the foundation of quality begins. Good data in, great reports out.

Vizuators can use data from any source, in our projects we have successfully worked with SAP, Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Amazon clouds, Sales Force, IMS Health, IMS Brogan, Google Analytics, MS Access, MS Excel. We use the most appropriate ETL tools for the job, and also deliver pure SQL-portable solutions.

Data Visualization

There are as many possible ways to present data as there are savvy business people, we know how to turn your ideas for KPIs into a visual that can be understood at a glance. Anything you can draw, we can turn into a live vizualization updated as often as needed.

Data Warehouse Management

Great reports are only built on a coherent, up to date data set. Vizuators work with IT department to build and maintain the data warehouse that holds the facts and figures describing your business and its environment. This critical asset justifies the most careful attention we offer it.

Data Strategy and Execution

We help formulate and execute the strategy of data collection, retention and reporting for your company. Successful data and reporting strategy is shaped by your business vision, and results in the right information, at the right time, presented to the right people.

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Certifications and areas of expertise

We offer expertise in the functional areas:

Sales performance management

Retail networks

Supply chain management

Banking and Financial


Government Organizations

Our degrees and certifications:

Tableau 9 Desktop & Server Certified Professional

Oracle Certified Professional

Project Management Professional

Master of Business Administration

Applied Mathematician

Database architect