Team news

Congratulations to the Vizuators BI developer for receiving the title of Tableau Ambassador 2023!

Our BI developer Yulia Chepurnaya has been awarded the title of Tableau Ambassador 2023 in the Community Forum Ambassadors category.

Tableau Forum Ambassadors are active forum members who help maintain a healthy and lively community spirit, help users get quality answers, and participate in forum moderation.

Yulia Chepurnaya, BI developer at Vizuators: “I am very happy to join the Tableau Ambassador program as a Tableau Community Forums Ambassador! This is an incredible experience when something that seemed distant and impossible to you becomes a reality. I want to thank the Vizuators team for this opportunity, immense help and support!”

Julia is not only an active helper of the Tableau community on the forums, but also our internal team trainer. She actively participates in mentoring Vizuators interns, who quickly join the team and projects. Yulia is also the regular author and presenter of our Tableau Challenges. Communicating complex issues easily and clearly is Yulia's strength, and this is another plus for receiving the high title of Tableau Ambassador. Yulia is a role model for many aspiring BI developers and data enthusiasts. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors!

Last year, our CTO Vadim Panasyuk received this title in our team. We will continue to inspire and educate us with our Tableau skills and passion.