Data Visualization in Tableau

Use the services of professionals from a certified team and reduce the time of delivery of the finished dashboard to the end-user.

Flexible formats of cooperation

Your development needs can vary from maintaining the Tableau infrastructure to designing
and developing dashboards.
Therefore, we offer different formats of work. Choose the one that suits your business.

Tableau expert support

Expert support in tableau
For what tasks
  1. With a regular flow of tasks with Tableau Server.
  2. To help your BI team to refine/maintain existing dashboards or develop new ones.
How it works

We consult with your experts or do the work ourselves.

The benefits

Acceleration of processes within your BI team and learning by doing. There is always a specialist with extensive experience nearby, who you can ask for advice or delegate a task.
Expert support in tableau

Turnkey BI project

Turnkey BI project

In which cases

In the absence of own BI developers.
How it works
We take care of the entire cycle of work from collecting requirements and preparing data to developing and testing dashboards.
The benefits
Start BI practice in a company without searching and hiring your own specialists.

Turnkey BI project

Rental Tableau specialists

Rent a BI expert
For what tasks
When there are not enough hands, and there is so much work that it's time to hire a person on the staff.

How it works

The specialist will be fully occupied with the tasks of your company. At the same time, he has a team behind him, always ready to «pick up».

The benefits

Searching the market for a specialist with good experience in Tableau is not an easy and long task, and the work is worth it now. So let's act!

Rent a BI expert

Proof of Concept (MVP)

Proof of concept for best BI solutions
For what tasks
Development «for trial». A small amount of work before the start of cooperation.

How it works

Allows you to evaluate the quality of our work, to defend the choice of tool in front of your team and management. You will have time to assess the quality of the data and the readiness of the data infrastructure for the implementation of BI.
The benefits

A small investment of money and time before deciding on a larger project.

Proof of concept for best BI solutions

How will we negotiate

— the form of payment is suitable, but there are nuances. For example, the total cost may be too high and it will be difficult for you to agree on such a budget. Or there are too many unknowns before the project starts (state of the data, business user requirements, total scope of work).

— the form of payment is correct. You control your costs, we process requests as they come in.

— the form of payment is not suitable. The scope of work is clear and their cost is easy to estimate.

Our project experience

Over the years of work, we have strengthened our competencies in relevant domains: the pharmaceutical industry, banking, retail, marketing, sociological research. We implement all our experience in new projects.

•International finance, banks
•Sociological research
•Product analytics

•Game industry

BI project

We are trusted by

About the team of certified specialists

What is the main strength of Vizuators?

Tableau-focused certified team

We are 12 certified BI developers. Our expertise is confirmed by Tableau certification.

We have developed our training program for new specialists. With its help, we train employees ourselves — from level «0» to a project specialist — in 3 months.

We can’t imagine a week when we don’t get together as a team for regular practice.

In addition to project experience, we train Tableau skills and expand the horizons of visualizations.

Specialists' domain experience

In addition to direct BI development, we have experience working as analysts in logistics, finance, banking and other industries.
This means that we quickly dive into the project and can help not only from a technical, but also from a methodological point of view.
We are continuously learning

In addition to solving work problems, we like to train on regular practices.

The practice of solving business problems in dashboarding. We train in working with the tool. We study how the same problem can solve in different ways.
It's research on the complex functionality of Tableau. Not always a regular format in which we talk about solving non-standard business problems using Tableau.
Helps develop mindfulness. The whole team builds dashboards on the same data source. We meet at the debriefing and get feedback on design and storytelling.

Let's discuss options

One-hour free consultation with a Tableau business analyst and developer. Determine the project's main objectives and readiness of data sources, and ask any questions about Tableau.

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