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Tableau Challenges is a format of 5 tasks in Tableau of varying difficulty.

Refresh your knowledge and discover something new in data visualization.

How to improve Tableau skills

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It has 5 tasks (see tabs):

Every second Thursday 19.00 (GMT +3)

To whom and why

Our Challenges are for experienced developers and beginners. We develop and expand our experience with the tool and join the Tableau community of practitioners.
How to participate
We upload a workbook with 5 challenges biweekly on Friday to Tableau Public. We await completed tasks until next Thursday at 17.00 (GMT+3).

Follow us on Tableau Public, Linked In, or Facebook, so you don't run the event. And the fastest way to contact us is on Telegram.

Publish your work in Tableau Public with the hashtag #VizuatorsChallenges, send your links to the work in the registration form, and we will send a link to the Zoom meeting in response.

On Thursday, we are going to Zoom and deal with the tasks. And each time, we evaluate the number of different solutions.

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Tableau Challenges

(Author: Ekaterina Kalabush)

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We are waiting for your completed tasks. Next, you will receive a link to the video of our meeting.

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