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The next meeting is on May 13, 16.00 (GMT+3). Tableau functionality does an excellent job of rendering standard maps. But what if you need to display geodata not in the package? Our new Open TechReview will transfer business indicators to the geographical plane and repeat the techniques on new dashboards.

Tableau features research

Open technical review is one of our regular practices where we share knowledge about development in Tableau, DataViZ, and BI. We analyze working projects (with restrictions on what the customer is allowed to share), new tool features, DataViZ questions, and more.

Entrance for guests is by registration. We will send a link to the meeting and then a conversation recording.

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Schedule of upcoming meetings

Prediction and Clusters
in Tableau

October 8

Let's analyze what tasks can be solved by forecasting in Tableau in business cases. We will show examples of working with clusters.
a Forecast
in Tableau
October 15

Scope, limitations, and solving unusual business issues using the Load function.
Joins vs. Relations
March 18

Empirically, we find out and discuss which type of data link shows the best performance in Tableau. And we will tell the basics to beginners.
Improving Development
in Tableau by Steps
April 8

We promote the aesthetics and beauty of BI development! And it's not about beauty for the sake of beauty. But for the sake of saving time, effort, and common sense.

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Our team has a ritual of technical reviews. We like it for many reasons. You can talk about the life hacks you developed during a complex project and spread this knowledge within the team. Pull up newcomers, and immerse those not directly involved in development in the group. To understand a new topic, I understood it myself while explaining. Techreview is a practice presentation skills, which will come in handy

in communicating with customers. It is easy to understand who is doing what and not to lose contact with each other at a distance.

To whom and why

Firstly, to make it scarier for us to prepare for presentations. Secondly, we love guests, even virtual ones. If you are working with Tableau or want to start doing it, come to light if you miss communicating with like-minded people.

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