makeover monday:
team building that works

We, the Vizuators team, love to meet at regular practices. They provide
an opportunity to improve Tableau's skills and developers' knowledge constantly. One such helpful activity is Makeover Monday. An initiative by Tableau enthusiasts that has taken over the world.
What is the essence of Makeover Monday?

Every Sunday, the Tableau community receives a link to a ready-made data visualization and a dataset. A day later, Tableau Zen Master Andy Kriebel analyzes the pros and cons of the "source" and creates a new visualization live based on the same dataset. The task of the MoM participants is to find their visualization solution: to tell the story in a new way or to discover the non-obvious in the data.

Improving How We Visualize and Analyze Data, One Chart at a Time
A book about five years of MoM experience by Eva Murray and Andy Kriebel
Andy Kriebel and Andy Cotgreave hosted the very first MoM at Tableau in 2016.
The idea of ​​Makeover Monday was born in November 2015. And it was suggested to Andy Kriebel by Tableau CTO Evangelist Andy Cotgreave. Later, Eva Murray breathed new strength into the project.
We name people to emphasize how much dataviz enthusiasts worldwide have invested and continue to invest in the voluntary initiative.

The responsive community immediately took the initiative. Over 5 years, Tableau Public has collected more than 10,000 works of participants with the #MakeoverMonday tag!

The project's success is simple — it combines inspiration and a workshop for practicing skills. MoM also helps to improve the portfolio and gives confidence. One of the participants, Anastasiia (Asia) Komissarova, admitted: "I realized that only I set myself development limits."
Мakeover Monday with Vizuators team

We have accepted the challenge of Makeover Monday too. We host our "live broadcast" on Thursday, where we analyze the visualizations prepared by each participant. We rejoice in the progress of work and how we grow. Look for #MakeoverMonday visualizations
on our Tableau Public.
Tableau public visualizations
On the left is the original visualization from the portal, and on the right is the MoM of our BI developer Yulia Chepurnaya: 2021/W37: The 20 Largest Solar Power Plants.
Click on the pictures to view them.
On the left is the original visualization from, and on the right is the MoM of our BI developer Anastasia Volgina-Tikhonovich.: 2021/W12: The Cereal Industry Had a Very Weird Year.
Move the slider and see the difference
Another work by Anastasia Volgina-Tikhonovich.
What is Makeover Monday for us?
Participate in Makeover Monday
You can practice on your own. After 300 weeks, the project was put on hold but has now resumed. All Makeover Monday datasets, along with reviews and breakdowns, are available.

And MoM works best in a team. This practice has been so helpful in Vizuators that we are happy to help you "run" it for you. Let's act as MoM moderators in the company for free! Because it is truly an indispensable intra-team communication tool for people working with data.

Learn different approaches to creating art and compelling visualizations with us.

One of the Makeover Mondays with Vizuators

Do you want a test drive?
Participate in our MoM
Get an idea of ​​how it goes. You can join us — finished work or as a spectator.

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