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Map layers for
Donut and Sunburst diagram

The donut chart is one of the most seen charts from the time of Excel. It is usually built-in Tableau using two pie charts (one with sectors, the second with a white circle), combined using a Dual Axis. But what if another level is needed? We've got that question while developing a dashboard for a customer.
And what if we create a Sunburst chart? Step-by-step instructions from the Internet contain many calculations and additional sources. Calculations for Tableau are not a problem (it would instead not get confused), but you can not always add another source to a book.
We offer a simple way to solve such issues with only one additional field; the others you will take from the existing source!
Create sunburst chart in Tableau

Let's Build!

The first step to begin is creating a field point.
how to create a field point in Tableau

add to map field point
Then add it to the map.
Let's run away from a map to a donut chart.
  • 1
    Change the mark type to "Pie" and fill the Angle with a measure of Sales in the dataset. Then drag Category to Color.
  • 2
    Then type CTRL+SHIFT+B to zoom your circle and remove the map from the background.
  • 3
    We get a standard pie chart.
how to create a pie chart in Tableau

Now let's make a donut chart with a factoid in the middle.

Return the background with the map and add a point-field as another layer.

How to add a point-field as map-layer


Something non-obvious (map layers)

allows you to get something incredible (multi-level pie charts).

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