Custom Dynamic Range of Axes

Case 1.

A custom dynamic range of axes means dynamically changing the maximum value of the range with the developer's condition. Use this feature with continuous measure pills if it is necessary to fix such a range of values and avoid overlapping the chart with labels.

How does custom dynamic range of axes help?

  • This feature ensures that the chart always contains the most important data points, providing more clarity for the user. It can be especially beneficial for graphs with large datasets.
  • Setting a custom dynamic range of axes allows for the maximum value of the range to be set automatically, depending on the data points in the chart. This ensures the developer can focus on the most crucial data points and avoid wasting time manually adjusting the range.

  • The dynamic range of axes can be used to pinpoint specific data points or trends in the data. By setting the maximum range value to the highest value of the data points, the user can quickly identify patterns or trends in the data.

How to implement a custom

dynamic range of axes

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