a Line Chart
and a Bar Chart

Case 13.

This type of visualization can be achieved by the "visual" merging of two sheets and using

a reference line. This chart shows total sales, profit dynamics, and the number of units sold for sub-categories.

Combining a line chart and a bar chart use cases

  • A line chart and bar chart can be combined to show data trends over time. For example, a combined chart can be used to show the monthly sales of a product in both line and bar chart form. The line chart would show the overall trend in sales over time, while the bar chart would show the exact sales figures for each month.
  • It allows viewers to quickly compare the performance of each sub-category in terms of total sales and the number of units sold.

  • The combined chart is also helpful for spotting trends in the data, such as sudden drops or increases in sales or departments sold.

How to combine a line chart and a bar chart

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