Adding a Reference
Box to a Scatter Plot

Case 15.

Adding a custom reference box is an excellent way to highlight statistically essential areas. For example, the area from 25 to 75 percentiles in profit and 25 to 75 percentiles in sales is taken as statistically meaningful.

Why are reference boxes added to charts?

  • Reference boxes are typically added to line charts, bar charts, and scatter plot charts.
  • Reference boxes provide additional context or information about the data displayed in the chart. They are commonly used to provide labels and descriptions of the different axes, to show the range or scale of the data, or to provide additional details about the data set being plotted.

  • You can use custom reference boxes to show off success stories and other relevant content that your users may find valuable. For example, you could use a custom reference box to showcase case studies or customer testimonials.

How to add a reference box

to scatter plot

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