Time Overlaps

Case 16.

When dealing with the planning, it is necessary to ensure that a person can physically perform their tasks. Let's take business trip planning as an example. A person cannot be in two places simultaneously, so we must highlight those overlapping trips.

Highlighting time overlaps use cases

  • Scheduling Appointments. Highlighting time overlaps can help users quickly identify when two or more appointments conflict.
  • Event Planning. Highlighting time overlaps can help users plan events without conflicts. It is beneficial when planning events with multiple speakers or activities.

  • Travel Planning. Highlighting time overlaps can help users identify flight schedules, hotel availability, and other travel details that conflict with each other. Users can quickly identify and adjust any conflicting travel plans.
  • Resource Planning. Highlighting time overlaps can help users identify when people, equipment, or other resources are already allocated.

How to implement highlighting time overlaps

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