"And & Or" Filters

Case 19.

The usual filters in Tableau allow leaving the data necessary for the user. When we apply multiple filters to the visualization, data is displayed that satisfies all filters simultaneously. But also, several filters can be implemented in Tableau so that the user can choose: to display data that satisfies all filters at once or at least one of them.

Essentials of using filters in Tableau

  • To apply a filter, select the data points you want to filter by, then click the filter icon. You can then specify the criteria for the filter, such as a value, range, or category. You can also specify whether to include or exclude specific values from the filter. Filters can be applied to a single worksheet or across multiple worksheets.

  • Multiple filters on visualization can be used to allow users to narrow down and explore data sets more effectively. For example, a user may be able to filter a chart by date range, location, product type, or any other relevant variables. The result of applying multiple filters is a more precise and accurate representation of the data set, allowing users to gain insight into their data more quickly and effectively.

  • Using several filters on visualizations can reduce clutter and make the data easier to digest. It can also allow for more accurate and detailed analysis. Filters can also focus on specific aspects of the data, allowing for further exploration and understanding. Additionally, using multiple filters can ensure that all of the essential elements of the data are included in the visualization.

How to display data that satisfies all filters at once or at least one of them

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