Displaying Static Tips by Clicking
on a Button

Case 23.

Some controls, visualizations, etc., may need to be explained to a user working with a new dashboard. Using static tips shown by clicking a button is an excellent option for describing how to work with a dashboard without cluttering it up.

Static tips that can be hidden on the dashboard use cases

  • Introducing new features
    Use static tips to introduce new features to your users. Allow them to conceal the tip when they're done reading it so that it won't crowd out other important information on the dashboard.
  • Onboarding new users
    When a new user signs up, use a static tip to help them learn how to use the dashboard. Again, allowing them to hide the tip once they're done reading it can help to reduce clutter.

  • Alerting users to new actions
    If an action is available for the user to take, like filling out a survey or submitting a form, you can use a static tip to alert them to the action. Allow the user to hide the tip when they're done so it doesn't get in the way.

How to implement static tips with the ability to hide them

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